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Retractable Dog Gate

The retractable dog gate is becoming very popular these days for good reason. It is secure, can serve as a great pet barrier and folds away easily when not in use.  Here are suppliers of the retractable dog gate we have found that offer the best prices.  They are listed below.


The retractable dog gate is one of the most popular choices when it comes to pet barriers.  It is fairly inexpensive as compare to other styles that are on the market today.

This type of dog gate is very versatile.  It can be portable so that it can be used in different rooms.  When not in use, it folds up into itself so it stores away neatly. 

Just a quick word of caution-- Using one of these types of pet gates can cause pinched fingers.  So fold up with caution.  This would not be recommended for use around small children.

The retractable dog gate can also be firmly affixed to a wall or to the inside of the entrance of a room.  This option will make the gate more secure and is a best method for use if your dog jumps or is aggressive. 

Most versions of this type of indoor dog gate are made of wood.  Though there are some made of plastic and coated wire and stainless steel.

Most of these gates come in heights from 18 inches up to 32 inches.   These would be designed for puppies or smaller dogs.  There are versions, generally listed in the category of tall or extra tall pet gates that can go up to a height of 36-48 inches.

A retractable pet gate can be a helpful tool if you are a dog owner.  It can help with both training the new puppy or keeping an older dog from roaming to areas of you home you want to be off limits.

If the weather is bad and you want your pet to stay in a particular area to dry or clean off fpr entering the house a pet gate like this can be very helpful.

At times it can be important to separate small children and dogs.  The retractable dog gate is an excellent choice for this.

Here are some suppliers we have found that offer many styles and great prices of the retractable dog gate: and 


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