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Pressure Mounted Pet Gates

Pressure mounted pet gates can very versatile and easy to use.

Here are suppliers we have found that offer pressure mounted pet gates in many styles at very good prices.

If you own a dog there are no doubt times when you need to contain your pet in certain areas of your home.

Maybe you have a new puppy that needs to stay in a certain area until it is “potty” trained. 

Perhaps it is an older dog whose roaming instincts cause it to go into areas it shouldn’t be going. Maybe the weather is wet and you need an area for the dog to dry and clean off before entering other areas of your home.

There are a number of reasons to for pet containment at one time or another.

The best way to accomplish this is to have a pet barrier or pet gate.  There are various types of pet gates.  The most popular being the pressure mounted pet gate.

The reason this is so popular a choice for those needing an indoor dog gate is that attaches using pressure to the inside of walls or the frame of a door easily.  It requires no tools for attachment or assembly.  It also requires to screws or drilling into walls or door frames.

The pressure mounted pet gate is also portable.  By simply unscrewing hand knobs it can be detached and transported from one room to another.  Hey are best used in doorways and hallways
This type of dog gate comes in a variety of materials from wood to stainless steel, to coated steel, wire and even plastic.

Despite its ease of use and simplicity, this type of pet barrier should not be used for certain circumstances.  The pressure mounted pet gate should never be used at the top of stairs.  Because it is not securely attached, it can become dislodged from the sides and would not provide adequate protection. 

Another situation these gates may not be the best idea is if you are trying to contain a tall dog or one that is inclined to jumping or is aggressive.  If pushed hard enough this gate could be knocked over.

A dog gate of this type is best for smaller dogs or pets that have calm temperaments.

Another consideration in using a pressure mounted gate is that they can leave marks on the walls or door frames is you are not careful.  Be sure to look for versions that have rubber on the ends that come in contact with the walls.

Despite these considerations, this style of dog gate is very helpful and easy to use.  The fact that it is completely portable and does not require any tools for attaching and assembly, makes it extremely popular. 

We have researched several indoor dog gate suppliers.  The following are those suppliers that have the widest selections of pressure mounted pet gates with the best prices: and More


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