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Extra Tall Pet Gate

If you have a large breed dog, you need an extra tall pet gate.  Here is information and suppliers that offer the extra tall pet gate for great prices.

If you are looking for a pet gate for a large animal the following information will be very helpful.  There are such things as extra tall pet gates, but they are not easy to find.  We will help you with information here on extra tall pet gates , how to choose the right one and where to find them.

If you own a dog you probably know that there are times when your loved pet needs to be confined in an area of your home.  The reasons are many.  It could be because your pet is in heat, or because the weather outside is inclement and you need a staging area for them to clean or dry-off in before entering the main part of the house.

Perhaps there is a new small baby that has been added to your family and you want to be able to separate the dog and baby once in a while. 

All dogs have roaming instincts, perhaps you have to be away from your home for a long period of time and you don’t want the dog to be able to roam everywhere in your house.

If you can relate to any of the above, and there are a number of other situations, then a pet gate can be the solution.

There are many different styles and versions of pet gates.  If you have begun to shop for them you may have noticed. 

There are gates that retract.  There are some that are tension or pressure mounted.  There are others that are free standing and some have panels like an accordion.

They come in a variety of different materials from wood to steel to coated metal to plastic and combinations of each.

Some are portable so you can take them to different rooms or when you go on trips outside the home.  Other versions of the indoor dog gate are permanently secured to walls or inside of door frames.

Most all the dog containment products have one thing in common: they seem to be intended for smaller dogs.  Their heights go up to a standard 32 inches and variations lower.

But what are you to do if you have a larger dog?

Extra Tall Pet Gates will be your solution.

Extra tall pet gates are not easy to find, because they are considered more of a specialty item.  But some stores and online retailers do have them.  You just have to be selective.  Ask for the “Extra Tall Pet Gate” when shopping.

Extra all Pet Gates are any pet gate that goes to a height greater than 36 inches.  Generally 42 inches is the top height of most.  But some even have extensions that will go up to 48 inches, if needed.

The taller gates like these come in versions that are tension mounted or can be secured to the walls of your house.  A lot will depend on the personality of your dog.  If your dog is calm, a pressure mounted extra tall gate will be a perfect choice.

For more aggressive large dogs that jump, you won’t want the gate to get knocked over so you should opt for a dog gate that securely attach to the walls.  You will sacrifice portability, but you will gain peace of mind the gate will stay in place when you are away.

Here, for the most part, here are specifications and features of a very common extra tall pet gate:

• Expands to fit openings from 29" to 40" wide (with included 6" extension)
• Gate measures 41" height
• Small pet door measures 10" high by 7" wide

Extra Tall Walk Thru Gate Features:
• Durable all steel construction that is lead free, non-toxic, and safe for pets
• Patented small pet door allows small pets to pass freely while containing larger ones
• Easy to adjust pressure mount system makes installation quick and easy
• Extra tall height great for large pets
• Easy and convenient one touch Walk Thru design
• Includes a 6" extension with gate
• Childproof safety handle
• Perfect for the top of stairways
• Can be expanded to greater widths with additional extensions (sold separately)

We have researched the Internet for you and have found online retailers that have a wide selection in extra tall pet gates at great prices.  Here they are:  Pet Street and Fetch 


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